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Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance (SATA)works to provide information, resources, contacts, and support to individuals, families, defense attorneys, treatment providers, public media, legislators, law enforcement personnel, and other professionals who work with or are interested in issues of sexual abuse and its prevention. SATA History.

Sex Offenders Restored through Treatment (SORT)an issue chapter of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE), is SATA's outreach program for incarcerated abusers and their families. SORT works to promote restoration of people who have sexually offended by establishing alternatives to incarceration; and to foster a sense of community, responsibility, and concern between offenders nationwide through correspondence with people incarcerated for sex offenses and the SATA-SORT Newsletter. SORT History.


Our Mission...

Dedicated to preventing sexual abuse through education, outreach, and community reconciliation of sexual abusers.

We are...

Professionals, therapists, victims, those who have offended, families of those affected, and other community representatives.

We Believe...

  • (In agreement with the Center for Disease Control), that sexual abuse is a public health issue – not solely a criminal justice issue -- and that prevention is best served when public policy makers, the justice system, educators and therapists approach sexual abuse from this perspective.
  • Through treatment, community support, and personal commitment, most persons who have sexually abused can become responsible members of society, and those at risk to sexually act out can successfully learn ways not to abuse.
  • Open and fair public discussions with an emphasis on understanding the current significant scientific research can lead to greater understanding of how those who abuse can control their behavior.
  • Resources for compassionate intervention can be provided for those victimized, those who have victimized others, or those at risk to be victimized or to sexually act out.
  • Promoting restorative justice is a positive way to heal the harm done to the victim, bring healing for those who abuse, those at risk to abuse, and for their community.
  • Care for the abuser includes support for and nurture of the abuser’s family.


We promote our beliefs through education about successful ways to control abuse and positive approaches to the issue of sexual abuse such as therapy and restorative justice. We also lend support through referrals, networking, sharing and promoting positive information for those at risk as victims or offenders, those victimized, those who have offended, therapists, the justice system, policy makers, and the public.